Why Ekowarehouse?

Our Mission

We believe that organic and ecolabel products are the only choice for a better world. Our planet’s resources needs to be protected. Our children deserve a chance at a healthy future. Our fellow human beings are entitled to earn a living with dignity. Everything we consume has a greener, kinder alternative.

Human ingenuity and creativity have proven that we are capable of inventing cost-effective energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, ethically made products using sustainable raw materials. People just need access to them and that’s where we come in. The Ekowarehouse mission is to make selling and sourcing green products safe and easy. With Ekowarehouse, we have created the world’s first and only platform for B2B buyers and suppliers to trade certifed organic and ecolabel products.The more businesses that use Ekowarehouse, the more consumers will be able to buy certified organic and ecolabel products.

Every dollar spent is a vote for the future you want. Vote green. Source at Ekowarehouse.com.


Why Ekowarehouse

There are other B2B sites. Some sell green products. A few even have certified goods. No one else is exclusively dedicated to verified and certified organic/ecolabel products. At Ekowarehouse, we take our green seriously. Suppliers have access to targeted buyers, and buyers benefit from the green world’s most efficient search results- they find what they need, fast.

We prioritize authenticity. We verify all suppliers and validate all products ourselves. No random third parties to do our dirty work. We believe that if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.

We offer buyers peace of mind. They can trade securely with reputable suppliers that have been vetted and source products that are certified with internationally-accepted organic and ecolabel seals that they recognize. We understand that quality is paramount.

We have what we believe to be the world’s most curated list of organic and ecolabel certifications. Of the over 1,200 green certifications available worldwide, Ekowarehouse accepts less than 180. No green washing, period.

We make smart simple. Our tag-based Ekosearch algorithm ensures accuracy and precision above all else. With Ekowarehouse, buyers won’t waste an extra minute searching for what they need. And suppliers? Their tag-based Ekowarehouse profiles are like honey to the search engines bees.

In the B2C world, design and usability reign supreme. From Etsy to Amazon, there is no shortage of beautiful, streamlined e-commerce sites. We wanted the B2B world to have something to be proud of and we thought you deserved something pretty to look at, too. Our design is elegant and clean. Our user interface is intuitive and efficient. Our focus is our user. End of story.


We strive to do better. Let us know what you think here.