Green Screen™ is Ekowarehouse's proprietary organic product screening system. Born out of years of research, our team of organic certification experts has created the world’s largest database of organic and ecolabel product certifications spanning across business industries, geographies and socio-environmental qualifications (organic, fair trade, biodegradable, ecolabel, etc). From this database, Ekowarehouse has carefully chosen 50+ non-profit and/or governmental standards and seals that we work with. Suppliers who showcase their products on Ekowarehouse must have one of these seals for their products. 

Important information about certifications:

  • Ekowarehouse does not accept for-profit certification seals/programs.
  • Certifications are awarded to products and companies by third-party evaluation bodies according to specific environmental, social, ethical, economic, conservation and/or sustainability criteria.
  • All relevant certification documentation needs to be uploaded to a company profile and successfully verified by Ekowarehouse before any of their products can be live on Ekowarehouse.
  • Certification inclusion remains at the discretion of the Ekowarehouse management team.
  • If you believe your certification is relevant to our site and would like to have it included, please write to us at and we will fully consider your request.
  • We accept standards (e.g. EU Organic), not certifying agencies (e.g, Ecocert) even though the certifying agency may undertake the third-party audit and issue the certificate document. 
  • For a list of the certifications we accept, click here