10 Reasons Why You Need Ekowarehouse

  1. We are the only dedicated online B2B platform focused exclusively on organic and ecolabel products.
  2. We connect you with suppliers from all over the world. 
  3. We make it easy for businesses to buy organic/ecolabel products, materials and ingredients.
  4. We make it safe for you to trade with suppliers that you've never met. 
  5. Every single product on the site is certified with an internationally recognized ecolabel.
  6. Every single organic and ecolabel certification is verified by us. In-house.
  7. So is every single supplier. We verify their government issued license/registration documents. 
  8. We are like an online trade show. Open 24 hours. 365 days a year. 
  9. We have selected the 170+ best organic and ecolabel certification programs in the world. All are independent, non-profit and/or governmental.
  10. Every time you use Ekowarehouse to source products, you are making the world just that little bit better. 


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